Behaviorism and Mental Health, Nanotechnologies
Behaviorism and Mental Health, Nanotechnologies

In 2002 I had a burnout and got a blackout on the motorway. A friend of mine doctor himself and his former boyfriend working for german Forensik brought me to a psychiatrist. There was no anamnesis according to DSM, no imaging or laboratory and no diagnosis. Obviously I was too sensitive for a questionnaire or psychological therapy. He prescribed manifold schizophrenia drugs with unknown effects and asked for the experiences, I could not properly describe. The insurance payed for all. I gained 15 kilos, was tired all day, got confused and whatever delusions. The symptoms ameliorated and got worse in different intervals. My former health insurance has an exact record, but is refusing to investigate the case. Years later I insisted in a therapy to find out more. Under disruptive medication his warm hearted collegue  asked me about the worst memories concerning abuse and aggression of my childhood and diagnosed a post traumatic stress disorder. Researching comparative long-term studies and comparing them with my life and experiences this diagnosis is not possible. Despite the diagnosis I was able to do a challenging job.

2010 I spoke with my mother about that and she said something like “If she is telling you, that you were brought up in a terror camp, and are aggressive, go to her, show her this aggression and beat her up”. I thought that was a wonderful idea. So I went to her and implied a slap into her face. Back home, the police rang, I got arrested and brought to a mental hospital. A psychiatrist in Germany is able to prescribe whatever he wants without any proof and have you arrested without a reason. A court will decide later, weather you will get free again, without any scientific or data proof.

I got a new job with an american company. Some months later I collapsed in the US for unclear reasons. Today I am sure that german healthcare is able to induce psychiatric conditions via hightech to stop people travelling, due to development, monetary and loyality reasons. So obviously there is a central planning in Germany for the destiny of people. I blamed it to conflicting job environments and offending conditions in Germany. I visited a mental hospital in the US not sure if they knew what happened. They treated me like Osama Bin Laden, took all I had, then I had to get naked, and was imprisoned for days in an empty room. Then they took me to a regular department, where I had to stay for several weeks. I ordered the german embassy, but blamed them for causing this constitution. Probably a correct gut feeling. The company I was working with, refused to look after me there. Again no anamnesis, no imaging but medication and laboratory. Diagnosis this time bipolar disorder. No indications in 2011 and 2012, but cost reimbourcement from my german health insurance.

When I started to deal with psychiatry, neuroscience and medication in 2012 I found out that the whole diagnosis and medication of 2002 was wrong, but stayed optimistic. I reported about some discoveries on social media but was persecuted since 2013 by means I don’t know. I had to leave Germany three times due to that. Another trauma. First I went to a mental hospital in Switzerland. Again no anamnesis and no MRI, but laboratory and arbitrary medication, despite first class insurance. The mother of one patient was a psychiatrist herself. He had an artificial disorder and went on hurting himself. Diagnosis this time: Personality Accentuation Others. No warning of practices in Germany due to reasons of nationality. They can do with german people whatever they want. Continued radiation in my flat back in Germany. Two further flights around Europe. Destination again Switzerland in 2014.

Two years later my german health insurance cancelled my treaty for not being in Germany. After that additional auditory halucinacions were induced by whatever medical nanotechnologies implemented whenever: goal psychosis. Now I am inofficially in Switzerland without insurance get weeker every day and am loosing one tooth after the other. Obviously the central german planning has other tasks for me, I don’t want. Nobody in Germany or on my blog is reacting to this conditions. Even my family and bank. This is neither OCD (inside) nor a delusion (wrong belief).

Here the story of my sister. For several reasons she got an alcoholic during her marriage and collapsed after her divorce in Switzerland. Then she went to a withdrawal clinic. Later she consulted several more or less occult therapists, telling her the craziest stories. Back in Germany 1995 she was put on high doses of psychiatric medication like Zyprexa. I did not recognize her 2 years later. She gained 50 kilos, got cancer, developed schizophrenia and dementia. I spent my 40th birthday to see her in a highly reputated mental hospital, where they were not able to diagnose her. They proposed genetic causes and continued medication. Today she is not able anymore to write a simple email. She is dependent on social organizations cooperating with the healthcare sector. Nobody ever accused a perpetrator, because the people she is knowing just don’t know what is going on and are relying on the healthcare system. Of course also in this case no proper anamnesis, laboratory or imaging to proof whatever development.

Obviously somebody has to prosecute Germany Psychiatry and the insurance who payed them without a proof for the diagnosis and documentation of the success, because I am home- and penniless now. But maybe I am thinking wrong, since there is a strong link to my social graph agreeing with them by not reacting to this conditions. Probably it is of immense importance to keep a exact digital record of events, conditions and symptoms. In case of legal cases, digital respective big data of the lifetime have to applied as evidence (cognitive and affective computing). If medical devices are integrated, without patients knowing it, it has to be tracked and they have to be removed by independent institutes.

If it goes on like that, german psychiatry will have killed the whole family. And one evening in Cologne in 1996 will have caused it.