I am seeing thousands of more or less crazy people every day as everybody does. As everybody I have an idea about how they live and what they do.  Sometimes I’m right, sometimes not. Sometimes I wish I could beam myself into another persons life, to find out more about it, like in Being John Malkovich. Not to mention the possibility to visualize my own life. Some things I know, other things are completely unknown to me. Was just thinking about methods to visualize the complex statistics the day before yesterday. Probably one of the most discussed topics of today regarding digitalization and the future of our societies.

Probably it’s not that much about how companies are using that data all over the world, but international legal regulations, hardly to harmonize.  If you follow my thoughts for a longer time, I am always a protagonist of mainstream adaptions.  Most fascinating to me is that we will have complete transparency of the past in future.

Website: The Glass Room.