Facebook Interest Lists
Facebook Interest Lists

Unfortunately my beloved Facebook Interest Lists have disappeared. As a frequent traveller I often just liked the places I have been to, without writing any reviews, just in order to be remembered and get news from them regularly. Additionally it is a bit difficult to write reviews for everything, if you go to several places a day. So I liked the wonderful patchwork of my updated experiences from all over the world and sorted them into lists. Like that I was able to switch between them according to my mood.

Digital and neural algorithms are calculating your behavior and feelings every day, and are deciding what you want to practice. Memories are made, remembered, consolidated and lost all of your life. And of course you need practice for that. Whatever you see or do, your neural systems are busy with perception, reflection or action. The major neuroscientific explanations are Consolidation, Multiple Trace and Relational Binding Theory. They all have in common that, already for evolutionary reasons, information centered around your life and your experiences is the most important one. There are libraries of literature about that and also my modesty wrote some articles about it.

Obviously the argument of Facebook is the human social element. It is a social network and about people and experiences, not about anonymous semantic news. So what could I do, to train my memory from traveling, actualize them and form new traces? I could ask people in every place I am, with varying personal an social backgrounds to friend me, in order to get personal reflected information from them. Due to privacy concerns and differing preferences they probably will be a bit sceptical. I could ask the staff, but of course they mostly are just working there for a living and have other interests. So I would get news of whatever. As a consequence businesses will probably need brand or concept ambassadors for Facebook interacting with people, if I understand this right. Those would need all sorts of content management, tracking and scheduling tools. I could sort them in friend lists as interests before. Otherwise companies would have to strengthen other channels not enabling personal interaction, like RSS. Sleeping about it, I think this decision will help to humanize companies on Facebook and to improve dialogue and attachment.

In the next step I will put the members of some former Interest Lists on a webpage in order not to loose the memories, and to observe how the story goes on. To be consequent, I would have to ask them for a personal contact for Facebook.

For business it is not unimportant to notice that people (would) pay for the recall of positive memories.

Here is already my interest list from London 2013: Click.