Using existing Knowledge

Signal Flow

Hotel Rothaus Luzern

“Current brain imaging methods reveal active neuronal signaling, but not the synaptic connectivities that encode those years of learning. Brain recording is therefore much like watching the flow of traffic in a city from outer space. We might easily see car lights streaming back and forth each day. But with our current instruments it is harder to observe the slower processes of building new roads, highways and parking lots that make it possible for traffic to move. Yet the entire system depends upon the physical layout of streets and highways, a kind of permanent memory of the city. A space observer could learn a lot from traffic patterns – one neighbourhood may be financial center, another one might have an airport. But on weekends, traffic flows might change. In bad weather more people may stay at home. Depending upon unknown conditions traffic may flow along different routes, while still making use of permanent connectivity of streets and highways. Just watching traffic flow reveals only part of what makes the brain work”.  (Baars, B.; Gage, N. (2007):  Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness;  P. 303)

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